Soul-drenched Voodoo funk

Formed in 2017, RRVC is one of New Orleans' most promising up-and-coming acts. A blend of soul-drenched vocals with deep-funk, the collective is known for their dynamite live shows.

From backyard house parties to the legendary funk Mecca Tipitina's Uptown, the band is described by fans as "masters of the groove". RRVC has a vibrant energy that clearly stems from the music and culture of New Orleans. With their powerful debut EP "Whats The Point of Leaving?", RRVC crafted and created with their own instruments a name for themselves in the local music scene of NOLA. After a long period of playing live and several new members, the VC released a new single, "Meditation", that showed a more refined, more mature, side of the band. The single suggested a new direction for the group; one that embraces new styles and unafraid of experimentation.


Richard Rourke -Vocals, Keys

Skiles Kelly - Guitar


Isaac Worley- Drums


Eli Fribush - Sax

Elliott Miller - Bass


Brian Maassen - Trumpet